September 21st, 2018


Homeownership is, for millions of people, a true part of the American dream. Buying one of the many homes for sale is something that thousands will consider doing this year. The market is strong, with a lot of variety in terms of what homes are available. And, best of all, today's mortgages are more affordable and beneficial than ever before.

But what about those who already have a home and a mortgage? For these individuals, taking the time to go through the process of refinancing a mortgage may be well worth doing.

Refinancing Basics

Refinancing is just what it sounds like - taking out a new loan to replace your existing one. Essentially, your refinanced loan will pay off the principle owed on your current one and become the new loan that you pay on a monthly basis. Already, Americans have a total of $9.9 trillion in mortgage debt, and a refinance could be one of the best ways to ease the burden of a mortgage.

Top Reasons To Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage

Interestingly, mortgage refinances have fallen to their lowest point in 10 years recently. This is due largely to rising interest rates, but the fact remains that for many, refinancing could offer very real benefits that are worth considering. If you're unsure of whether or not you should refinance your home, looking at some of these benefits may help you make up your mind.

Lower Interest Rates

Despite the fact that interest rates have increased a small bit over the last year, refinancing could help you secure an interest rate much lower than you currently have. Even landing a rate that is 1% lower than your current one could help cut your monthly mortgage bill by a large margin and give you more extra cash in your wallet.

Build Equity

Changing from a 30 year loan to a 15 or 20 year loan structure could make it easier to build up equity in your home and save a large amount of money over the course of the loan.

Use Your Equity

If you already have built up equity, you can refinance to take advantage of that equity. Whether it's paying off credit card accounts or sending a child to college, refinancing could make it easier to pay off your bills by giving you a large influx of cash.

Credit Score Changes

If your credit score has changed dramatically, you may be able to secure a totally different loan with better terms. This can include interest rates, monthly fees, terms, and more.

Change Your Program

If you began your mortgage with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, or ARM for short, you can use the refinance to secure a more stable fixed rate mortgage. This is excellent for those who aren't selling their home but prefer to remain in it since it gives them better stability.

Getting Started

If you're ready to refinance your home, local help is here to help make it happen. Contact a mortgage expert today.

AP Mortgage

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At AP Mortgage, they embrace the concept of ownership with enthusiasm and optimism for the future of housing in America. As individuals, every employee at American Pacific Mortgage takes personal ownership in the process of originating home loans that will make your dream of ownership a reality.

Michael Tauberg

Jason worked tirelessly to get our loan closed on time. Even with Covid-related process delays, he got the loan across the finish line and was always ready to talk. Highly recommend


Phan Lu

Awesome team work!!! I GOT to meet Jason, he is AN awesome guy! He MADE sure you UNDERSTOOD the whole PROCESS of your loan.


Kumar G

I had a wonderful experience with Jason Mata he was very professional and knowledgeable. This was my first home and I did not know much about the whole process I really did not have to explain him much. I just told him my requirement, how much I can afford the down payment and monthly payments. Jason came up with the program that fits right for me. He worked upon the loan, locked my interest rate. Jason really knows what he is doing. He was clear, thorough and guided me through the process. He was also very timely and worked hard to make sure everything was ready to go before closing. I am really happy I found Jason he made things happen. I would recommend Jason to anyone and encourage to consider Jason and APM for you home purchase. Thank you Jason!!!


Jensen Masuda

Jason (and his team) were extremely vigilant in sending over requests, following up, and executing. They were easy to work with and were quick to update when things inevitably change. As a recent transplant to Sacramento, I found him online based on other folks reviews, and would use him again. Appreciate all the help and support.


Stephanie Uribe

My experience with Jason Mata surpassed all of my expectations. Jason is very professional and incredibly helpful. He is trustworthy and intelligent and has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of his field. During each of my many interactions with Jason it was abundantly clear to me that he truly cares for his clients and goes out of his way to ensure that we are well taken care of. His kindness and pleasant yet professional demeanor is very appreciated, especially as the home buying process is such a traditionally stressful life event. Jason made my experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I highly recommend Jason Mata and his team to anyone - especially teachers such as myself. If I find myself buying another home in the greater Sacramento area in the future I will undoubtedly be calling up Jason!


Louise B.

Where do I even begin?! Hands down BEST AGENT EVER! Jeremy is and was an amazing agent. I spoke with him over the phone first and he did not come off...


Misty W.

Jeremy was extremely helpful with the loan for our first home. He communicated every step of the way and was really easy to work with, which made the buying...


Melanie J.

Jeremy was really great to work with! He was very responsive to all of my requests and made the entire loan process very easy to understand. I highly...


Carina Kool

Jeremy was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive to all of our inquires. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home or to refinance their home.


Melanie Jordan

Jeremy was really great to work with! He was very responsive to all of my requests and made the entire loan process very easy to understand. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to buy or refinance!


Dustin Dravland Robinson

If you don’t think you can afford to own your own home or if you want the best pricing/terms on the purchase of an investment property, talk to Jeremy! Jeremy has amazingly innovative lending structures to help just about anyone (and anywhere) get onto the home ownership ladder and get off the rental circuit. I highly recommend Jeremy as a lender after he has consistently helped many of my clients get pre-approved and find their dream home after they never thought it was possible. Call/Text/Email Jeremy today! Sincerely, Dustin Dravland Robinson, Realtor who has sold over 100+ homes with over a decade of experience in California real estate.


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