March 3rd, 2020

Home Improvement

Having a new home built is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. After all, the location is a place where persons are going to live for years and likely raise a family. It needs to meet all of their needs and then some. Although it can be a bit difficult to tell what the final product will look like from plans, they are the first step to finding the home of your dreams.

Not all drawings are created equal, though, and ours have a little something extra that sets them apart from the rest, color coding that reveals livability. So, don't just settle for a blueprint that can't show you what the structure genuinely has to offer. Instead, give our company a call to discover the difference for yourself. The four color-coded categories are for…



Flexible Living

And De-Stressing

Now that all of that is out of the way, this article is going to switch gears. It is going to discuss several modern farmhouse style plans that could be right up a person's alley. Hence, interested parties should read on to learn all about them.

1. #42389 Cedar Pointe

This model is a one-story, 1,387 square foot house that is excellent for de-stressing, storing, and entertaining. As far as flexible living goes, it is in the middle of the pack. The plan features a garage, basement, 2-bedrooms, and 2-bathrooms. Of course, there is also a great room, kitchen, and dining area. Not to mention, the plans include a covered front porch and optional covered patio in the back. This structure measures 38' wide by 55' deep. Whatever you are in the market for, this plan should definitely be in the running.

2. Westcott Manor #9171

Folks that need something larger can't go wrong in taking a peek at the plans for Westcott Manor. It is also only one-story but has 4-bedrooms and 4-bathrooms. Plus, the house comes equipped with a 2-car garage. It is 2,040 square foot with the measurements of 69' 5" wide, 63' 6" deep, and 28' tall. This unit is perfect for flexible living and de-stressing. Heck, it is even suitable for entertaining. However, storage is one area that is lacking. It has a front and back porch along with a utility room too. This plan is ideal for people with big families or folks that just want the extra space.

3. #42413 Lillian Farm

Lillian Farm is a two-story home. The first-floor is 1,168 square feet, while the second one accounts for 909 square feet. Meanwhile, the garage measures 474 square feet. The place features 3-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms. Plus, the foundation is a basement. It even includes a covered front porch and pocket office. This plan is more than capable of meeting a person's requirements for flexible living, storage, entertaining, and de-stressing. The modern farmhouse design has loads of curb appeal, and occupants will be more than happy with the inside view that they see day in and day out.

Don’t hesitate to give Design Basics a call to discuss these or other plans.