December 3rd, 2019

Home Improvement

5 Reasons To Buy A Professional House Plan

You’ve done it! You’re making your and your family’s dream come true, and you’re going to invest in a brand new home of your own, built just for you! However, now that you’re making this decision, you’ve got many things to think about, like how the home will be designed. One way to go about this is to look over professionally drafted house plans, and here are five important reasons why we recommend this choice.

Save Time

It’s certainly possible to try to design a house yourself, but this will mean having to take enormous amounts of time learning about core principles like the foundation, the frame, water pipes, electrical and other important aspects of the house, when all you really wanted to do was ensure that you had an open concept kitchen or a spacious home theater. Getting a professional house plan drafted for you means you don’t have to worry about these other aspects of home design and building. You mention the features you want, and the experts work them in.

Remain Compliant With Building Codes

Every town and every city is going to have its own distinct building codes that structures must adhere to to be considered legal. These codes run the gamut from how electrical wiring must be laid out to the specific distance that must exist at minimum between buildings. You may not know what all the building codes are in your area to remain compliant, but a professional does and will ensure that your house plan remains legal and compliant with those codes.

Get Accurate Bids

When you have a professional house plan that’s been drafted to industrial standards, this makes the job of other professionals much easier. The construction contractor you work for can look at a well-laid out professional plan and quickly come up with a reasonable estimate for both the time and cost of construction because everything that is required has been laid out in the plan. The less professional and detailed a plan is, the less accurate and realistic a bid on your home’s construction will be.

Get The Latest In Design

You may know what you want in your home, but there are lots of things you may not know about as far as modern advances in home construction, or the latest design trends. When you choose to work with professionals in planning your home, however, you get the benefit of working with people that have a lot of industry experience. They can tell you all about your newest, up to date options.

Be Ready For Permits

You can’t just break ground and build a home, you need to present certain documentation, and one of those things is often an approved house plan. When you get professionals to create your house plan you are ready to get approved and be issued a permit to build your home.

If you’d like to have a home that is made for you and your family, we can help. Contact Design Basics, and let us make your dream home a legal, building compliant reality that you start a life in.