April 27th, 2020

Home Improvement

When it comes to our homes, we find ourselves always on the lookout for new design trends we can incorporate to keep them looking fresh and updated. However, when are we going to take the time to pause and really admire the imperfect places we try so hard to hide?

Changing Trends

Design trends change so often that it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. By the time you find a way to use a trend in your home, it has already gone out of style and the world has moved on to something new. While design is important, we don't want to keep chasing after it and allowing it to take over our lives and distract us from what we would otherwise just accept as imperfect places.

Stick With Comfort

When designing the home, why not focus on comfort? Being stylish and trendy can be a future goal, but right now, find the inspiration to do what you feel is the most functional and logical. You don't have to style everything perfectly. Don't be afraid to have a few mismatched pillows thrown in as long as it adds to the comfort and functionality of the space you are trying to create.

Embrace Small Spaces

Many homes have small nooks and crannies and other awkwardly small spaces that can often be tricky to design. Instead of shying away from them, embrace them. You can start with a few pieces here and there until you find the inspiration you need to create a more usable space. For example, do you have some space available under the stairs? Why not turn it into a play area for the kids or a small library with some of your favorite books?

Showcase Your Personality

One of the best ways to embrace design and all its imperfections is by showcasing your personality. Don't decorate your home based on trends and the “proper” way of doing things. Instead, do what you want to do. Throw a patterned cover over a night table—not only does this add style, but it can also hide any imperfections there may be on the table that you haven't had the chance to fix.

Setting out smaller and more personal items like photographs and your favorite knickknacks can help spark conversation when you have get-togethers with loved ones. People will take more notice of anything unique that you own compared to a trending table lamp or piece of furniture.

Above all, don't take home design too seriously. Embrace the imperfections, and introduce colors, patterns, and textures you love even if they may throw others off. It is all about finding your own inspiration and creating something that you find truly pleasing.

To get more tips on home design and find inspiration, check out Design Basics today and start creating the space you’ve always wanted. You can browse our new home plans and talk with builders to make your dream home a reality.