March 10th, 2020

Home Improvement

Perhaps one of the ultimate design questions when it comes to a home’s interior is whether to prioritize form or function first. A lot of people find themselves to be torn between the two. They often feel they have to choose between two important considerations. 

There are many instances when we find ourselves wanting something instantly, even though it may not be something that we really need. Sometimes, we get drawn to something because of its visual appeal that we forget to consider when we are going to use it. The same thing can happen when you are thinking of a design for your home.

You may find objects that you can easily incorporate into your design scheme. However, you may only be buying something that has no clear use. You may end up having an unorganized room filled with beautiful clutter.

Many design experts and stylists often say that form has to follow function when designing a space. Following this principle will make you come up with a harmonious setting.


The first thing you have to consider is the purpose of each room. What will you do with the space? How will you use it? Start by determining the primary function of each room. Then, think about the people who will be using it. Visualize the finished room in use. Doing this can help you choose the final touches, including the color of the paint. If you will use a space for multiple activities, you can make it into a multifunctional room to cater to all your needs. 


One of the best things about interior design is it continuously grows. It can develop and change with your needs. You can choose a design for your home that is not permanent. When the time comes for you to give your home a fresh new look, you can come up with another design.

Meanwhile, the function of a certain room rarely changes. If you decide on changing it, you may have to spend a lot of money on renovations. That is why it is ideal to consider the function before going into the details of the form. Visuals aspects are easier to change.


There may come a time when you decide to let go of your home and sell it. In this case, prioritizing functionality may be one of the best decisions you can make. It can help increase the value of your home. It can also make it more appealing to buyers. Most people imagine seeing themselves live in a home before they purchase it. If you show a home with highly functional rooms, they may be more open to the idea of buying it.

Form and Function

Contrary to what many think, it is not necessary to choose only one. With the help of professionals, you can have a design for your home that is both stylish and functional at the same time. Contact Design Basics to find out how.