October 29th, 2018

Home Improvement

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, timeless, and sought after feature in any home. For households that include pets, however, keeping your hardwood floors looking their best can be somewhat difficult. Pet stains, scratches from nails, and other damages are a common occurrence that many pet owners have to deal with when it comes to managing their pets and the luster of their flooring. However, what many pet and hardwood floor owners don’t know are the tricks and tips you can use to have happy pets and gorgeous hardwood at the same time.

Hardwood Floor Tips For Beautiful Flooring In Pet Friendly Households

Using a few tips, managing hardwood floors in pet friendly homes is made much easier. A few such tips for keeping your flooring looking its best include:

Keep nails trimmed

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s really the most important tip pet friendly households can have. While most dogs should have a nail trim around once every two months, it’s not the same across the board. Like humans, some dogs have nails that grow a bit faster than others, and rather than following a time schedule it’s better to use your senses to know when the time is right.

If you can hear nails clicking against the hardwood floors, you’re also hearing the scratches happening in real-time. While a light click may be okay, a louder click means it’s time for a trim once again. Carefully and with the quick of the nail in mind, clip your dog’s nails whenever you can hear them becoming a problem. Another tip is to use a nail trimming dremel tool to keep dogs’ nails filed and without sharp edges, as these pose less risk for cutting too short.

Avoid glossy

Glossy finishes have a certain refined look, but that look doesn’t stay for long in pet-friendly households. Satin or matte finishes still look beautiful, and they’re much better at hiding any scratches your floor may take on. These types of finish will also hide the nicks, scratches, and dings caused by high heels, pebbles stuck in tennis shoes, and moving furniture across the floors.

Opt for a lighter stain

The stain you choose will be just as important as your finish. Lighter stains don’t just hide potential scratches better, but also the dust and dirt your pets are like to track in from outside. With darker stains, any small scratch will stick out, and hair, dust, and dirt will be highly visible and messes will look messier than they truly are.

Happy Homes And Happy Pets

The timelessness of hardwood floors isn’t something pet owners have to give up. Using these few simple tips can help pet owners to enjoy happy homes and happy pets for the duration of their lifetime. With regular cleaning and hardwood floor care, you’ll see that the best of both worlds is possible, and you can have lasting beauty from your hardwood floors while keeping a happy pet friendly home.