October 8th, 2018

Home Improvement

There’s nothing quite like the traditional warmth, comfort, flexibility and look of hardwood floors in a home. There’s a reason why, after all these generations, the hardwood floor continues to remain one of the most popular choices, as a flooring surface for personal, residential needs. Despite the fact that it’s just a single material, wood from different trees gives a lot of different options, and these are some of the best for your home, depending on your taste and preferences.

White Oak

Oak is a classic choice, for a lighter, warmer look. But oak, when paired with a unique cut, such as a jigsaw puzzle pattern, for example, can really make for a distinct, unique space that changes the whole look of a room.

Distressed Plank

Sometimes what you’re looking for is something with a unique, worn character. Something that already feels like home after a few years, rather than brand new, artificially smooth and empty. Distressed plank is one way to get this look, with a texture and look that never repeats.

Ebonized Hardwood

For people that prefer the dark look, but still want the warmth and flexibility of wood, ebonized hardwood is a perfect choice. This creates a very striking, uniform, and opaque look that can be the perfect accent for certain design and color choices.

Brazilian Cherry

Sturdy, affordable, with all the best characteristics of wood plus one additional bonus; color gradation. One of the most interesting things about Brazilian Cherry is that it’s not just one uniform color, the wood can run along a broad spectrum of different shades, giving you a nice variety of tones if you don’t want a uniform look.

Douglas Fir

This is another timeless classic, especially for American décor. Douglas fir has the durability and traditional look that speaks to traditional American decorating and architecture. Properly stained and taken care of this is a great look for people that want something warm, rustic and undeniably American.


People looking for something new, trendy and environmentally friendly will want to consider eucalyptus flooring. In addition to being a green choice, it’s also quite affordable and can naturally contribute a darker look to a home, similar to ebonized hardwood.

Maple Plank

This is a great, traditional choice, especially for people that want to bring that particular “warmth” to a room. The rich texture of maple, especially when laid out as planks, brings a lot of character to a room, in addition to being a durable, reliable surface that lasts for years.

Red Oak

Here’s a great choice for people that want durability in high traffic areas, combined with a more natural, reddish tint. Red oak is a smart choice for people that want the warm look, but something rugged. This is a good choice for a more active lifestyle with a lot of movement in the home.

Reclaimed Wood

Whether it’s pine or any other type of wood, the choice to go reclaimed immediately gives a textured, historical look to a floor. If you want something that looks organic, classic, and lived in, your best bet is giving reclaimed wood a try and seeing how it adds character to your home.