April 6th, 2020

Home Improvement

Choosing a floor plan for your new home can be quite stressful and even somewhat intimidating. There are just so many designers and layouts available today that it is hard for consumers to decide which ones are right for them. Luckily, the team at Design Basics has created some stellar designs that can make picking the perfect home a breeze.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Selecting Design Basics?

Firstly, persons gain a better overall home plan when electing to use our services. After creation, the layouts remain posted at www.designbasics.com, which is the only place that they can be viewed. An interested party can browse and purchase plans as they see fit. Plus, should he or she happen to want to change up the original schemes, they have the ability to speak with the designer.

Individuals get a better deal when going through the website as well as our organization has a price match guarantee. What that means is, if a consumer finds Design Basics’ plans elsewhere at a lower cost, the company will match that price. Deals can also be found via the Builder-Centric and BudgetWise Bundle programs. Now, let’s discuss some of the options available so that you can see what all of the fuss is about for yourself.

1. #42240 Bassett

This plan could turn the home of your dreams into reality. The 2-story, 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, and 2-car garage house features the Craftsman architectural style. It is absolutely gorgeous for those that are seeking curb appeal. Not to mention, there is plenty of room for family members to get some space from one another at 1,878-square feet. The layout even calls for 2×6-exterior walls.

They make the building more structurally sound and could even save homeowners on their heating/cooling bills. How? Well, thicker insulation can be used in the walls, more so than that of traditional 2×4-exterior walls. Hence, it won’t take as much energy to run the AC/heating system as the house’s interior will remain at a comfortable temperature.

2. Witten # 29328 

Our builders understand that not everyone needs a massive, sprawling house. Rather, sometimes, a quaint layout will do the trick. This floor plan is 1-story and comes with 1-bedroom and 2-bathrooms. It is 1,136-square feet with 2-car spaces in the garage. The French Country architectural style offers a touch of sophistication and class, meaning that homeowners will love coming home to this beautiful place day in and day out.

This layout offers plenty in the way of kicking back and relaxing. It is also great for entertaining. Of course, one cannot forget about all of the storage space they will have, either. The floor plan calls for a robust slab beneath the house, making it strong and sturdy to stand up well against all climates. If neither of these options suits your fancy, don’t fret. Our company has loads of other plans, so feel free to take a peek at the rest.

Visit the Design Basics website to view exceptional floor plans.