February 21st, 2020

Home Improvement

When you invest in a home renovation, you want to ensure that you will love the style for a long time. The best way to do this is to really understand your personal home decorating style. This can be tricky if you’ve never gone to school for interior design, but there are some easy ways to figure it out.

1. Think About What You Loved As A Child

Think back to your childhood. What did you love then that you still love now? Have you had the same favorite color? Did you love wearing floral prints or stripes everyday? Do you still display objects that you collected then in your home now? Understanding your personal style really starts by assessing what you’ve loved your whole life.

2. Review Your Wardrobe

Personal style is consistent across all design elements in your life, including your wardrobe. Do you like to wear a lot of natural fibers with loose relaxed shapes? You may like bohemian or coastal decor. If you wear a lot of dark tailored suits, you may love minimalist or contemporary spaces. If you wear a lot of bold clashing prints, you may love an eclectic style home.

3. Consider How You Want Your Home To Feel

When you get home after a long day, what do you want to feel when you walk through the front doors? Do you want to come home to a light airy space that is soothing and relaxing? Alternatively, do you want to come home to a rich, luxurious space that feels indulgent? Or, do you want to come home to warm, welcoming, and friendly space that makes you feel comforted and safe? Different styles create different moods. For example, Scandinavian style feels light and clean, while Rustic style feels earthy and traditional.

4. Imagine If Money Was No Object

Take a minute and scroll through Pinterest, your favorite design blog, or flip through the pages of a decor magazine. Look at the different rooms and think, if money were no object, which home would I live in? Do I want the quaint cottage in the South of France or do I want the sleek modern high rise in New York City? This will help you narrow your tastes down even further.

5. Learn About The Different Decor Styles

Once you have a general idea of your tastes, you can then begin investigating the different decor styles. There are a ton of great guides online to the different decor styles that have beautiful pictures and descriptions. There are even online quizzes like this one from the Designer Society of America that can help you define your style even further.

Once you know your home decor style, you can begin planning a renovation that you will love for years to come. Just remember the team at Design Basics can help. We’ll find all the fixtures and accessories that will bring your style to life and put them together in a way you’ll love. Give us a call to get started.