September 5th, 2018

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We've been told about the importance of drinking water for decades. It's what sustains us, and without water we simply wouldn't be here. But did you know that 75 percent of Americans today are dehydrated? Despite drinking plenty of water and even reaching the recommended daily allowance, caffeine intake and alcohol can offset this and leave you dehydrated without even realizing it.

The Golden Rule

For years, the golden rule of hydration has been simple - drink eight glasses of water every day, each of them 8 ounces. But while a total of 64 ounces of water sounds like a great way to stay hydrated, the reality is that there isn't too much science backing up that number. But what is backed up by science is the fact that drinking plenty of water can have dramatic impacts on your health. Staying adequately hydrated is an absolute must if you want to be at your best, every day.

Facts Worth Knowing

If for some reason you're still not completely convinced that you need more water in your life, take a look at some of the huge health benefits that science has found. It could be all you need to start adding a few extra glasses to your daily intake.

  • Improved Performance - Even if you're not a huge workout fanatic, the fact is that dehydration can reduce your body's performance dramatically. Lower levels of hydration can reduce motivation, increase fatigue, and make it harder to complete even the smallest amount of exercise.
  • Brain Function - Dehydration can actually reduce your brain's ability to perform properly. Fluid loss can impair brain function and make it harder to concentrate, stay in a good mood, and complete basic computations.
  • Better Digestion - Drinking ample amounts of water can help combat constipation and make it easier to digest your food properly. Better digestive health can have a big impact on how you feel each day.
  • Reduced headaches - Being dehydrated can directly cause headaches. In fact, migraines are a potential problem when you fail to drink enough water.
  • Hangovers - For those who enjoy having a few drinks periodically, water may be the best solution to ward off hangovers. This is because an effect of alcohol consumption is dehydration, and combatting that with ample amounts of water can help you reduce the chances of a hangover.
  • Weight Loss - Drinking water can also help with weight loss. Often, dehydration causes feelings of hunger, which in turn leads to eating when the body in fact isn't hungry. Staying hydrated can help you stop overeating and lose weight.

Staying Hydrated And Healthy

Of course, you also need to make sure that you drink plenty of water that is healthy and safe for you. The right filtration systems will have a huge impact on your health and well being.  

Carolina Fresh Water

2303 W Meadowview Rd., Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27407 888-434-1187
Carolina Fresh Water offers water filtration system sales, installation, repairs, & consultation to home owners and businesses across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Their mission is to provide excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction for lifetime of their water filtration system.

Rosa Romero

Our family is enjoying the Carolina Fresh Water filtration system, even our pets are enjoying the benefits. Mr. Steve White came by on November 2, 2018 and tested our water. He took the time to explain in details his findings and the benefits of purchasing the specific filtration system for our needs. All the expectations Mr. Steve W. set have been met so far. The very next day as he advised arrived Mr. Jeff to installed the system and explain how to maintain it This system is very easy to maintain. The water tastes amazing (so does my freshly brewed coffee). On that following Monday, Ms. Alyssa arrived to help us set up our product orders that are included with package we purchased. Mr. Steve W. and his coworkers made this experience and process a real smooth one. I highly recommend it!


Julie Mattice

Our family loves Carolina Fresh Water. My son loved watching the "science experiment" of testing our water. It was definitely eye opening to physically see how dirty our drinking water was. We love our reverse osmosis system and our water softener, we have seen a big change. The installation was great, the installer did a fantastic job.


Seth Stokes

I am very happy with my new water filtration system! I've had it about two months now.The water is very clean and spot free. It is much better than without one. Everyone that I was involved with from testing my water to installing my system to customer service was very professional and very nice!!! I highly recommend this system from Carolina Fresh Water to everyone!!! If you want clean,soft, safe and better water this is the way to go!!! It is a little expensive but worth it! I love my new water!!!


Sina Khodaie

My review consists of three aspects of what this company offers: 1- Fresh water system ( 5 STARS), the system works well (at least after a week!) and I will periodically update on that. cleans the water well. water is truly purified and feels nice on the skin. The plumber was fast and efficient. 2- The sales pitch (3 STARS). The salesman coming to our house (Robert) was a nice person. But he was a bit pushy (which is common in sales business!) and didn't explain the finance option completely. 3- The saving products: Americana shopper (1 STAR). We logged in the system, checked the coupons, 1st you need to know that you have to PAY for the coupons and a 10% processing fee for the coupons. So their 25% guarantee is true if you buy mostly junk food! A family that cares for their water quality usually would not go after most of the items offered through this system. We are still waiting on the natural cleaning products. Crossing fingers that one might be better than their coupons! Overall, I think it is a bit overpriced. But I hope their services justify the really high cost for this system.


Tiffany Gibson

Has been a great experience with the Carolina Fresh Water. Adam who came and did the our free water test was very kind and did a great job. He even made it fun for my kids. The installer was very respectful and nice too. We have only had our water system for two weeks but I can already tell a difference on my hair and my skin not being as dried out. The only downside of the water system is the high price.


Kennis B.

I had searched water filter systems on the Internet. I was contacted by Carolina Fresh Water and arranged an in home presentation. I was aware I had some...


Michael M.

The only good thing I have to say is that the salesman was professional, personable, and on time. Although the product itself seems like it really could...


Christine G.

Scam city! I have a whole house filtration system and sent in a sample and they said I had hard water! Right!! I test my water weekly and it's not hard....


Amy Lord Harkey

The salesman, installation man and follow up were all excellent, professional and were informative without being pushy. we are very pleased with our new whole home system and the change of water quality. it is great not to have bottled water anymore. Thank you. Keith and Amy


Bec A Briggs

We had our water tested and were horrified with the results. they came out and installed a new filtration system the next day and we couldn't be happier with our delicious water now. Thank you for being so professional and friendly. We have made some lifelong friends. We sure are enjoying our new water. Thank you You are all AWESOME !!!


Shayna Traveler

Have had system for 3+ months now. I was a huge skeptic at first but knew I had to do something my water was so bad. I am thrilled at the difference now. No more crappy tasting well water; no more sediment; no more film on my kitchen ware; sinks; faucets and as incredible as it sounds I have amazingly soft hair now. I'm 75 years old; have pure white hair and it's always been like straw. Now it silky, soft; fly away and the only change has been my water. Amazing. All parties I have dealt with were so friendly and helpful. I have only one complaint. The cost of this system is over the top. Also as a good customer service I think Carolina Water could provide a financing company that doesn't gouge the customer.


Casey Pfortmiller

We just had a complete system installed in our home and we love it! My water doesn't taste funny anymore and my wife loves how the soap lathers up and leaves her hair and skin feeling so much better than it ever did! We love it and highly recommend it!


Angela Robinson

love love love our Carolina fresh water system! I no longer have to lug water bottles in the house for my family to have good water. very happy customer here. Thank you to AJ Leonard and Elizabeth for recommending Carolina Fesh Water to us


Tina Lee Brooman

We recently had the water filtration system installed and are loving it. The equipment is great quality, as is our water now. I didn't think there would be a huge difference in our water because our ph was only off half a point, but the taste difference is huge! I love drinking our water now. The second huge difference I noticed was that my hair feels much softer coming out of the shower. I absolutely recommend it. Plus the interest rates for the loans are low so you don't have to pay for it all up front. So glad we did it.


Priscilla Pena

I love having filtered clean fresh water! i love cooking with it and i definitely recommend it!


Michelle McGurrin

I am not easily swayed but after a couple weeks of having this new water in our home without a doubt I have noticed a big change . skin is softer and feeling so much better knowing I am drinking clean water. just the relief of knowing my kids and pets are drinking good water is worth the investment but the extra bonus's are great. well worth it


Johnny Kidwell

Had Carolina fresh water installed in our home and we are happy with everything. Our water tastes better and cleans better. Everyone was supper nice and easy to talk to. Love everything they provide.


Brian Most

What a great difference in our water. The chlorine smell is gone, the drinking water is more palatable with our RO system & the water is softer which helps in doing the dishes & bathing. There is no longer the need to use as much soap or shampoo. The team at Carolina Fresh Water did a great job in selling us the right system for our home & their install team did a great job of installing the system & explaining the maintenance aspects of the system. All in all, a great job by Carolina Fresh Water. They are highly recommended in our opinion.


Mitch Loeffler

Bobby, was very nice and showed me exactly what we could be getting and what we have currently. I think it’s very, good and we are going with it!


Dan Sheila Gray

They are very professional! Very helpful


Mary Mac

Aside from knowing that the water is safer now to drink for my family (kids and pets), cleaning is so much more satisfying because it is so much easier. The clean laundry is so much brighter. I used to use a lot of bleach -inVAIN for my gray (NEVERwhite) towels. NOW THE TOWELS ARE ACTUALLY WHITE and I didn’t use bleach. I don’t have to use scalding hot water and a bottle of the blue dish detergent to clean my dishes - I wash all my dishes by hand. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO CRY with JOY. Then there is bathing. I do not need shaving cream or hair conditioner anymore. Because my hair and skin are NOT DRY. All around wins for me. ❤️


Bette Womack

I had brown, cloudy water. Now I have clear, clean water. I thought I would have to deal with brown water forever or dig a new well. They are very helpful and answer all questions and concerns and call back to make sure everything is working good and to address any issues or concerns that I may have. I would recommend them to ensure you have good water for your household.


Robby Taylor

Bobby Heumann came out and demonstrated our tap and fridge water vs Carolina Fresh Water filtration system and the results were pretty crazy. He was professional and kind and the deals they had were incredible. I recommend giving them a shout.


Jennifer Hurley

I got a sample in the mail to test me water, I knew our water was nasty before the sample because we have a neighborhood well and was not clear at all. Carolina Fresh water came out and tested our water and was worse than what I thought it was. So we ended up purchasing a water filter system and the water is as clear as a crystal. Very professional and not to pushy. Would definitely recommend to use this company if looking to purchase a water system


Crystal Lynn Wright

When we bought our home and had the team come out to test our water. We couldn’t believe how much our water was contaminated. We have had our water filter system for about 4 months now and we wouldn’t trade for anything. When you take a shower and dry off and none of that filmy stuff come off is truly amazing. Also our skin isn’t dry like it used to be as well. Definitely would recommend this to anybody.


Sarah Pilgrim

to have installed you won't regret it


Juel Goff

Our home water filtration system works great. No more chlorine smell, water taste great, and our showers feel fantastic. Our water tech Scott Kennedy was very professional and informative. They installed the system the very next day. The installer was very respectful and informative. We highly recommend Carolina Fresh Water for any one who want great water.


Stephanie Alvarez

Carolina Fresh Water provided a great water filtration system for our home. The water tastes better, cleans better, and is visibly cleaner. The representative was very nice, explained the benefits and tested our water for particulate matter. It was an easy decision to choose this system for our family’s health. The installer Jeremy was phenomenal! He arrived on time, worked efficiently, explained each step, did as much outside first so as not to disrupt the kids naps, worked inside and it was finished in no time!! I had many questions about care, maintenance and how to use the system. Jeremy addressed all my concerns and told me to call Carolina anytime. He even said he would come back should we ever get renovations done and want the system to be checked out. A great company and experience!!


Jody Davis

From the beginning of the process to the end, Carolina Fresh Water was prompt and professional! We decided to have a water system installed in our home and have not been disappointed! The water is finally drinkable and no longer hard! I would highly recommend this company to my friends and family! The people throughout the process was what made the difference! The salesman, the installer, and the financial representative were all a delight to do business with!


Paige Gomez

Bobby came out and did a wonderful demo. Looking into getting system now. It did a wonderful job cleaning our whole home. Very impressed and excited to save money!!


Sarah Cayton

The savings you get from purchasing their product is great!! Bobby Heumann did an excellent job of presenting the products and specials y’all offer. He did very well in explaining all the chemicals and such in my water. I recommend Carolina fresh water to anyone! Thanks Bobby!!!


Matt LoTruglio

We had Carolina Fresh water install a system in out house. before the system we tried everything to remove hard water stains including the god awful toilet ring. After 2 weeks of normal use the rings are gone with out scrubbing or using any cleaners. This system is great.


Shea Carnes

Carolina Fresh Water has been great. The salesrep sat down with our family and explained everything he was doing. He even included our 5 and 7 year old sons and answered every question they had just like he would have an adult. There was no push at all to buy but we're so happy we did. We have noticed a difference in our clothes, hair, skin and appliances. We've even started drinking more water now that we have the drinking water spout in the house. We've also been very happy with the soaps they include with your purchase. It may have been way out of our price range but we're so happy we chose Carolina Fresh Water.


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