September 5th, 2018

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We've been told about the importance of drinking water for decades. It's what sustains us, and without water we simply wouldn't be here. But did you know that 75 percent of Americans today are dehydrated? Despite drinking plenty of water and even reaching the recommended daily allowance, caffeine intake and alcohol can offset this and leave you dehydrated without even realizing it.

The Golden Rule

For years, the golden rule of hydration has been simple - drink eight glasses of water every day, each of them 8 ounces. But while a total of 64 ounces of water sounds like a great way to stay hydrated, the reality is that there isn't too much science backing up that number. But what is backed up by science is the fact that drinking plenty of water can have dramatic impacts on your health. Staying adequately hydrated is an absolute must if you want to be at your best, every day.

Facts Worth Knowing

If for some reason you're still not completely convinced that you need more water in your life, take a look at some of the huge health benefits that science has found. It could be all you need to start adding a few extra glasses to your daily intake.

  • Improved Performance - Even if you're not a huge workout fanatic, the fact is that dehydration can reduce your body's performance dramatically. Lower levels of hydration can reduce motivation, increase fatigue, and make it harder to complete even the smallest amount of exercise.
  • Brain Function - Dehydration can actually reduce your brain's ability to perform properly. Fluid loss can impair brain function and make it harder to concentrate, stay in a good mood, and complete basic computations.
  • Better Digestion - Drinking ample amounts of water can help combat constipation and make it easier to digest your food properly. Better digestive health can have a big impact on how you feel each day.
  • Reduced headaches - Being dehydrated can directly cause headaches. In fact, migraines are a potential problem when you fail to drink enough water.
  • Hangovers - For those who enjoy having a few drinks periodically, water may be the best solution to ward off hangovers. This is because an effect of alcohol consumption is dehydration, and combatting that with ample amounts of water can help you reduce the chances of a hangover.
  • Weight Loss - Drinking water can also help with weight loss. Often, dehydration causes feelings of hunger, which in turn leads to eating when the body in fact isn't hungry. Staying hydrated can help you stop overeating and lose weight.

Staying Hydrated And Healthy

Of course, you also need to make sure that you drink plenty of water that is healthy and safe for you. The right filtration systems will have a huge impact on your health and well being.  

Carolina Fresh Water

2303 W Meadowview Rd., Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27407 888-434-1187
Carolina Fresh Water offers water filtration system sales, installation, repairs, & consultation to home owners and businesses across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Their mission is to provide excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction for lifetime of their water filtration system.

Cathy Bartee-Booker

My family and I had the pleasure of having Guy come in a do our consultation. Guy was amazing with his presentation. Very hands on with us, especially our children. We were with him every step to ensure this was not a "gimmick". What sold me was providing him a washcloth that was washed and put away 3 days before he came in, and the amount of soap that was left in the water blew me. Our showers and laundry are much softer and fresher I must say! This is the second greatest investment this year. Our new home and appliances are as thrilled as we are! Thanks Carolina Fresh Water for welcoming us to Winston-Salem


Heather N. Manning

We had a system put in some time ago and the results inside our home have been great! The only issue we had was outside. The nightly purge of the system killed a good sized area of grass where the system runs off because of the salt. After contacting the company and explaining what was going on, they quickly addressed the issue and I'll no longer have this issue! Thank you again for your timely response to this issue and I'm very happy we came to a fair resolution!


Melina Sensale

We bought a new home and quickly realized there was something wrong with our well water. The toilets were stained a tan yellow and the water tasted like metal. After calling Carolina Fresh Water we had a rep come out to test the water almost immediately. He confirmed what we already knew, we needed a water filtration system. What we didn't know was how to fix it... thankfully Carolina Fresh Water did! Within days they installed a new water system! The installer explained clearly how to care for our new system. Our toilets are no longer stained tan and the water tastes like water! If a family member or friend expressed an issue with their water I would recommend Carolina Fresh Water to them.


venise lawrence

Wish there was something positive i have to say but the truth is simply the truth Have had multiple NEGATIVE issues with this company since day one. Was promised gift package-never got it. Later was told that team members have changed and so "they'll get back to me" No one ever did. (inc have had issues with the equipment. They do not return calls. high staff turn over and very little accountability/transparency. Sorry when a service person comes out their favorite words are " Oh the guy who worked on it is gone, he knows nothing" Not a good picture on the company. You pay $250.00 for annual service but soon after all the woes show up. Very dissatisfied. I have heard many persons complain about the services offered. I am a very dissatisfied victim.


Lekeshia Lassiter

A year ago i left a 5 star review because i thought we had gotten a great deal on an amazing product that would be very helpful to our family's health. Today i get certified mail from the state plumbers board and they are coming out because carolina fresh water never got permits after they told us they did and illegally installed our system which is so very dangerous to the well being of my family. Will update more when i find out what the state says when they come. This is ridiculous, please don't even waste your time with this company!!


Sharisse J.

I see all the bad reviews on here and I am so surprised. My husband and I had black slimy gook coming building on to our faucets and my water running...


K L.

**UPDATE*** since they responded to my review (4 MONTHS LATER) I would like to respond 1. The water test was done on March 19, 2019 at 10 a.m. by someone...


Simona S.

I really wish I would have read the reviews on this company before spending well over $7000 on a new system 3 years ago. This is the kind of water I bathe...


Cathy Booker

Our experience with Carolina Fresh Water has been amazing. Each individual that came out knew the product very well. To me, that is excellent customer service. When I take interest in a product or service, I don’t want a just a salesman, I want someone who have and has experienced the product and service itself. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Guy, Alise and David were great! We’ve noticed the water was softer, laundry is fresher and the drinking water is perfect, even our dogs love it!


Larry Lee Carter

Carolina Fresh Water provided us with excellent customer service! They answered all of our questions and the installation went quickly without any issues.


Cindi Flippen Ritter

we had the water system installed in our home yesterday, I'm stoked after it was installed we had to purge all old water from our pipes in the home what a shock we installed a new hot water heater less than 4 months ago and with two complete flushes of the hot water I was still getting dirt in the bottom of my sinks and tub unreal I'm super excited about everything I didn't want in my water was there but, is now being removed really excited to reduce the cleaning supplies needed for personal hygiene and home.


Carroll Archer

Caroline Fresh Water did a great job testing, explaining the problem with our well water and installing our new water treatment system. Now we have great water.


Karin Fullington

Matthew M. came out to service our system, and he was so personable and professional. Great guy who I enjoyed talking with. No one showed up during my latest scheduled visit (which wasn’t Matthew), so it was nice when he showed up on time.


Christina Clinkscales Hatfield

With my water demonstration it showed me exactly what water we was using and drink. It was horrible. im so glad i got the system because it save me alot of money on water because i really. was bying alot of water b4 the system now i save thanks


Tema Hall Banner

Just had our system installed by Tyler Mikelaites, he was friendly, professional and and answered all our questions. We are excited to have pure water for drinking and cleaning. We were amazed by the presentation and all that we learned. If you're considering a water filtration system, I would definitely recommend Carolina Fresh Water.


Sue Belford

the soft water is great for your skin the drinking water tastes clean


Daniel DeVore

I never realized how bad my water was until they installed my whole home water filtration system. Although the sales method is a little odd for this company, everyone I had contact with was great! From the sales to the installation, the they all seemed customer focused and professional.


Jay Horne

Out service technician Matthew came out today for our first yearly inspection, replaced a few filters and really checked over our whole system to make sure our levels were proper. The company is standing behind their yearly inspection quote and we feel confident that we made the right choice. Our water is fresh and tastes good and we feel safer for us all and our guests! We feel thankful that Carolina Fresh Water stands behind their promises and yearly rates and will continue to recommend this company to anyone who has problems with their water purity! We were impressed to learn that several large companies around are also depending on Carolina Fresh Water Systems to protect their employees and customers.


Erica Mullis Carpenter

Carolina Fresh Water has awesome water filtration systems that make your water taste great & leave your feeling fabulous! We are so happy with our system! Thanks!


Lee Blackwell

Great Service, great product, and great water. Recommend to all my military friends!!!


Marie Duke

The folks at Carolina Fresh Water have been wonderful. From the very first assessment to today, everyone has been helpful and explained everything so that we understood what the system was to do and why it would be beneficial. They were not our first quote, but they had the best financing plan and were very helpful. Our water quality is 1000x better.


Cetoshia Alexander

I haven't bought the bottle of water yet but I love how they set up the system and they walk the steps and yes I would recommend anyone to go to these people they r good people


Liz Bending

Had our water system installed about 60 days ago and couldn't be happier! No more buying bottled water, we are using less laundry detergent, and showers are much nicer with soft water. I would highly recommend this system!


Ladonna Capps Lassiter

Carolina Fresh Water probably helped save us from developing cancer or something else equally bad from our severely contaminated water. They have been absolutely the best team to work with. Everyone has been not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable but also the nicest team to work with that we’ve ever dealt with. It has truly been a pleasure.


Domonique Mills

Haven't bought bottled water since the system was installed! Just had my annual service done. Matt did a great job!


John Jackson

I would be very carful on how the drain line is installed. It was setup to drain to my yard which has killed my grass. Guess it’s time to try and find a way to reroute the house to not drain to my yard. Anybody know the size of the line that is used for the drain so I can try and get some from Lowe’s?


Kim Hankins

Fifth year with my system. Today Josh did the annual service and again found everything working perfectly. Josh answered all my questions. Peace of mind with wonderfully clean water for another year!


Whitney Hansen

We can tell a huge difference in our water and so can our kids!


Mark Finewood

works great, excellent service. Just had the annual service, Matthew May was professional and informative


Sherry Tucker Henderson

CFW has the science & research to support their claim to fabulously clean water. From the beginning of the powerful, eye-opening demonstration to the end I was sold! I highly recommend Carolina Fresh Water 🚿 for your family.


Monikka Hudson Youngblood

So many thanks to Carolina Fresh Water for the amazing System and great tasting water!! Adam was an amazing representative who displayed the system and water testing. He wasn’t pushy about selling the system and respectful about give us time to discuss! Robert and Noah was very prompt, Amazingly nice and hilarious, very respectful (took their shoes off at the door🤗) so informative about the installation process and keeping me afloat on what they where doing! Elise topped off the process with her wonderful humor, final testing, huge coupon book and the best part, picking the oils for our free products!! Thank you Carolina Fresh Water!! 💦 Monikka Youngblood


Deborah Lynn Hooft-Lemons

Our well water is looking like orange juice after a rain. Contacted CFW for a consult, the water testing was done for free, OMG, our water was terrible. A new filtration system was installed the next day! Our water is now clear, and feels like silk. Call CFW for a free water test and see what’s in your water. You will be glad you did.


Kayla Daniels

Mark & Tyler were very friendly and knowledgeable in their field. We just had our install on 4/22/19 and we can already tell an amazing difference. 5 stars!


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