February 28th, 2020

Home Improvement

A new year always signals change, but when it comes to the home, the change can be more of an organic shift to sustainable home ideas. Trends for 2020 are leaning more towards everything soft—including organic materials, fiber accents, softer colors, and curvier edges.

If you want to punch up your home design without making major changes in your main living spaces, here are three tips that you can try. Play with one major change and follow it up with two organic changes to refresh your space.

Built In Seating 

For one major change in your living space, explore built-in seating to create a cozier nook. It can be as simple as a reading corner or as big as transformer the seating of a home theater into a carved-in-a-wall look. Think of this as a way to re-spacing your area, as built-in furniture takes up less space, while also redirecting the eyes with a fresh design.

If built-in is not your thing, another change to implement can be transformable fixtures. Again, space-saving takes after the idea of decluttering for a cleaner area. With transformable chairs, tables, or even cabinets, this lessens the guilt of buying new furniture because essentially, you’re buying for two or even three other uses around the house!

Indoor Garden 

Succulents have been very popular, regardless if you are in a high-rise condo unit or have your own little garden in your backyard. This success will only go bigger, especially as the appeal of putting a green stamp on your home becomes stronger in 2020.

Elevate your succulent garden with an indoor garden. What most people forget is that house plants can be a decor of themselves, especially the rare succulents, the colorful foliage, and air-purifying plants.

This particular trend is also seen to become more social in terms of a shared hobby among homeowners. The year 2020 may usher in in-person gatherings for houseplants, as more houseplant communities become popular. Experts are noting that having plants in the home is a sign not only of the push towards sustainability but also in homeowners’ need to be more creative in how they set up and grow their plants in the home.

Luxe In Nature

In keeping with the sustainable and green look, one other way to take this style to the next step is to inject natural luxe into your living space. This can go by way of mixing accents and main furniture made of simple, organic materials to create harmonious clash of different make.

Design experts are suggesting fiber decor and accents, mixing the favorite wabi-sabi design of millennials with edgier luxe materials. Don’t be afraid to use marble finishes and accents on bathrooms and kitchens. Wooden display cabinets will also bring tie together old-world luxe with sustainable simplicity.

It’s also time to take out handmade trinkets and decor, as they give the appeal of tailor-made luxury without going over the top. For now, avoid overly intricate vases and China to avoid mixing up the look.

These are just some of the home design ideas that you can implement at the start of the year. For 2020, remember to reach out to Design Basics when it is time to design your house.