February 11th, 2020

Home Improvement

A walk in closet is a dream for many, and it’s actually a huge selling point for a home. If you’re not quite ready to install a walk-in closet in your home, but you need functional closet space now, there are things you can do in the meantime to give you the space you really need. With a well organized closet, you’ll find you have less clutter, you’ll have less stress, and you’ll have more time in the morning to enjoy your day rather than trying to find those pieces you need.

Having a walk-in closet installed can give you a completely customized experience when it comes to your storage, while maximizing your current closet space will give you some customization and further organization, but you’re still working with limited area.

Tips For Optimizing Your Current Closets 

As your family grows, and as your needs grow, you may find that the only way to get yourself the closets you need is through renovation. In the meantime, however, a few organization and space optimization tips can give you the closets you’re looking for:

Use your doors – Your closet doors give you plenty of vertical space, much of which goes completely unused. You can use the interior side of your door to hang hooks for purses and belts, hand over-the-door shoe holders, or even small shelves for accessories. Many doors go unused, with homeowners not realizing the treasure trove of vertical space they really have right in front of them.

Toss in a dresser – You may think of your closet and your dresser as two separate entities, but the truth is that they really go best together. Those pieces that start to accumulate on your closet floor have a place to go, and you add more vertical space into your closet area. A dresser in the closet can be used to hold jeans, accessories, T-shirts, sweaters, shoes, or anything else that takes up space.

Storage and décor – A big trend for a few years now are décor pieces that double as storage, and there are places for these pieces anywhere in the home. In the bedroom, these storage décor pieces really take some pressure off of what your closet has to do. A storage ottoman looks great at the foot of the bed, and it can hold winter boots or coats in the summer, it can serve as storage for hats, or it can handle any of those little items you can’t seem to find another place for. 

An Organized And Stress-Free Home

It’s been proven that organization lowers stress, even if the thought of organizing causes stress for some. With the closet of your dreams, you can enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, and you can turn just about any closet into one that works better for you. If you’re looking for that ideal closet space, you’re not alone. Contact us at Design Basics to see what we can do for your closet space and your home today.