January 14th, 2020

Home Improvement

You can achieve a farmhouse chic look for your home by incorporating several different design elements to create a more elegant appearance. Today, we have a few helpful tips on how to achieve this look easily in your own home.

Using Neutral Colors

Soft colors can effectively create a more soothing environment, and this is what you want when you are trying to achieve a farmhouse chic look. Neutral colors help reduce stress and create a more relaxing space for you to enjoy. Whites and greys are the perfect neutral colors to use to create this aesthetic.

Rustic Finishes

This look also requires a few more rustic elements to be introduced to the space. The introduction of rustic elements to a more modern and traditional space makes it more of a farmhouse chic look.

To do this, you should use natural materials like wood, stone, and shiplap. Barn doors are also a popular way of achieving this look while also giving your home even more in the way of unique charm and personality. You can also incorporate accessories with worn finishes or vintage farming pieces like a garden watering can or vintage flour sifter to add a touch of whimsy as well.

Plush Accents

Since you want to create a soothing and relaxing space, it is only natural to include soft, plush furnishings. Cozy pillows and throws, a few soft blankets and other linens, and cloth on the dining room chairs are all ways you can accomplish this. When doing so, stick to the neutral color palette, and everything will flow together nicely.

Sophisticated Lighting

Lighting is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider when redesigning a space. You can make unique choices to better showcase your uniqueness and personality. For a farmhouse chic look, you should incorporate some kind of glass or crystal with a dark iron contrast; this also ties in that touch of rustic charm.

Open Concept

An open concept floor plan definitely goes a long way in achieving a farmhouse chic look for the home. You want to create a seamless connection between the more trafficked spaces of the home including the kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Large stackable glass doors can help create a cross breeze and can help achieve this continuation between the interior and exterior areas of the home while giving it that wide open and farmhouse feel.

Think about how large and spacious a barn is, for example. You want to to do what you can to replicate that same feeling in the home. A barn typically has a higher cathedral-like ceiling that immediately draws the eye, and this is what you want to keep in mind when finding ways to draw the connection to the rooms in your home to create that same open concept idea.

For more ways to achieve this look or to discuss other aesthetics you may love for the home, contact Design Basics today for more information on what you can do to achieve a space you will love.