September 10th, 2018

Home Improvement

Hurricane season begins on June 1st and doesn’t end until November 30th. While some months are more active for hurricanes, the threat looms throughout the entire season. Infamous Hurricane Sandy in 2011 wreaked havoc on the east coast on October 22nd and didn’t fizzle out until November 2nd. Proving that even in the late season, mother nature can still pack a serious hurricane punch. Even those located more inland can face threats at any point.

Hurricanes are powerful storms, they bring torrential downpours, flooding, and heavy winds capable of destroying homes, businesses, and the trees on your property. While many consider the threat of flooding rains and heavy wind, few consider that one of largest causes of injury and damage during a hurricane is fallen tree limbs. Pruning your trees can save you from this potential hazard. Remove all of the dead, damaged, or diseased limbs lying in wait for that first big wind gust.

3 Reasons To Prune

Tree pruning is something that should be considered whether its hurricane season or not.  There is a bevy of benefits that come along with professional pruning services. Three biggest reasons to prune trees on any property are:

The removal of dangerous limbs 

Over time, tree limbs will succumb to damage, and it’s difficult to see with the naked eye. These branches are high up or covered entirely by foliage, making them near impossible to spot. That is until hurricane winds bring them down on top of a car, a home, or worse.

What tree pruning accomplishes is getting rid of damaged limbs, leaving your tree in a healthy and sturdy state. A strong and healthy limb is not one going down in the event of a hurricane.

Improving the tree’s overall health

Strategic and well-timed regular tree pruning also helps to strengthen the overall health of a tree. A professionally pruned tree will grow stronger, healthier, and be more stable. This allows the tree better defenses when hurricane-force winds hit. A healthy tree is less susceptible to damage and disease.

With regular tree pruning, it’s best to opt for professional services before hurricane season rolls around. Some pruning is always better than no pruning at all. The pruning process may create small wounds or injuries to the tree, and giving it a little time before hurricane season ensures the tree has had a sufficient opportunity to heal and restore its energy.

Reveals any hidden issues

Pruning also works to reveal any hidden problems within the tree. Stresses may cause hidden vulnerabilities and require bracing or stabilization, a need that one may not know exists until its too late. Budding insect or disease infestations may also be spotted during pruning. Early intervention can save the tree from irreparable damage or death.

Pruning For A Safe Property

Before a hurricane strikes, pruning helps to provide a safe property for all. To learn more about pruning before hurricane season, contact a local expert in tree pruning.