March 3rd, 2020

Home Improvement

We all have that room in the house that seems stuffy. It’s too small, our things are too big, and you find that the room just doesn’t serve the purpose you want it to. What many homeowners don’t know is that there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to make any small room look (and feel) much larger than it really is. If you’re not quite ready to completely re-do the room, making a few minor adjustments can give this small room an entirely new feel.

5 Tips For Making Rooms Seem Larger

A few tips can get you started on creating the open and airy space you really want from your small rooms. For those who live in older homes, open floor plans weren’t as popular then as they are now. What you find is that you’re left with a serious of smaller rooms that you try to design for a cohesive feeling throughout the house. The biggest challenge in this is making the room feel cohesive, with airy comfortable spaces that showcase your style while respecting the integrity of the house. 5 tips for simple ways to make your rooms seem larger are: 

1. Mix lights and darks – Using all light colors can make a space look airier and larger, but it also takes away some depth and personality. A great trick to use is to mix very light with very dark accents, which can open up the space while creating the depth you really want. 

2. Hidden storage and multi-use pieces – If you’re looking to furnish your small room, remember that every piece you bring into the space has a purpose. Purely decorative pieces might have a place for a while, but you’ll quickly see that it wears out its welcome with the more space they take up. Hidden storage and multi-use pieces give your space personality while keeping it clutter-free.

3. Floor to ceiling curtains – The floor to ceiling curtain acts like a high-heel for your small room. It makes your walls look longer, your ceilings higher, and your room airier all at once. Even for regular sized windows, this is a really simple trick to really open up any small room.

4. Layer your lighting – Rather than having one central light on the ceiling, try layering your light with lamps to create more controlled depth. One may think that one light hanging from the ceiling draws the eye upward and keeps floor space open, but it really just showcases the actual size of the area.

5. Go with exposed legs – For beds, chairs, sofas, and even dressers, exposed legs can work wonders in making your space seem more spacious. 

Making Your Home Your Own 

Designing a home that suits your family and your needs is important. If you’re looking to make real change and open up those stuffy rooms, contact us at Design Basics to see what we can do for you and your home today.