December 24th, 2019

Home Improvement

So you’ve searched the market inside and out. You’ve expanded your range of search, given up some dream features, and, yet you still can’t find a home that you and your family love. So you’ve decided the best option for you is to build. However, in order to build, you’ll need a floor plan, a construction crew, and a great plot of land. It may be a lot, but it is very worth it in the to. To help get you started, here’s everything you need to know about floor plans.

What Exactly Is A Floor Plan? 

It’s important to start by saying a floor plan is very different than a blueprint which is the architectural design of a home. Although they are different, a floor plan is built from a blueprint and contains some of the key elements. A true floor plan is a full set of instructions on how to build a home. A floor plan includes:

- Roofing plans

Foundation plans

Electrical plans

Exterior plans 

In essence, a floor plan is a comprehensive set of plans to help you build your home.  

How Do You Pick Out A Floor Plan?

Picking out a floor plan is probably one of the most fun parts of building a new home. There are millions of different floor plans out there, in every size, style, and shape of home you can imagine. To get started you need to make a simple list of your must haves. Ask yourself some basics:

- How many bedrooms do you want?

How many bathrooms do you want?

Are there any extra rooms you need like an office space or a workout area?

What size kitchen do you want?

Do you want any outside features like a porch? 

Simply, imagine all of the features of your dream home. Next, you’ll need to pick a style of home. Do you like craftsman? Modern farmhouse? Tuscan? Colonial? Once you have a good picture in your mind, then you can begin your search. The possibilities are endless when you build, so really take the time to find the home of your dreams.

What Do I Do With A Floor Plan?

Once you’ve gotten your floor plan, what steps you take next depends entirely on your house building plans. Now if you are super handy or already work in a construction field, you may choose to build your home yourself. From there, you simply gather the materials and follow the plan. However, if you are like most people and are working with a building crew, then you will give them a copy of the plans. Floor plans are really comprehensive, so there may be some questions in terms of what materials you would like to use for certain features, but your builders will take over. It’s pretty simple.

If you are ready to build, take some time to look through our floor plans. We offer over 2800 different floor plans that you can view right on our website. With advanced search features you’ll be able to find exactly what you want. The best part is that all of our Design Basics floor plans are fully comprehensive and will provide you and your builders everything you need. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more.