April 13th, 2020

Home Improvement

People get stressed out and worry about all kinds of stuff today. For one, many parents are bothered by sending their kids off to school each day because of all the school shootings that have taken place. Other folks are disturbed by the ongoing problems that America is involved in overseas. Take North Korea, for example. They just test-fired more missiles, which may be able to reach the United States or its allies.

Of course, when it comes to stress, not much is going to top the COVID-19 crisis, which is going on right now globally. All sorts of people are cooped up inside their houses, trying not to catch or spread the disease. Also, there are persons that feel overwhelmed every time they head to their jobs. As you can see, a list of stressful things in the modern world can go on and on and on.

What Is De-Stressing?

De-stressing is one of the factors that our company uses to examine a home's livability. With so many stressors occurring today, perhaps none of the factors are quite as vital as this one. People need places where they can kick back, relax, and do the things they enjoy. Then again, when discussing home plan de-stressing, sometimes sites that have organizational features fall into the same category. Some of the more notable areas and innovations on our designs include...

• A Quiet, Covered Porch

• Drop Zones For Storing Particular Items In One Convenient Location

• Split, Dual-Height Vanities

• Walk-In Showers And Soaking Tubs

• A Private Master Suite

Should You Look For The De-Stressing Element In A Home Plan?

Well, it is never a bad idea for a person to decrease their stress. So, yes, those having a house built should look for de-stressing in a home plan. After all, the last thing anybody wants is to return to their property following a bad day when they feel uncomfortable or awkward there. Our color-coded floor plans make de-stressing spots easy to find. They are the places featured in blue. For folks interested in other aspects, the different categories are flexible living (green), entertaining (yellow), and storage (orange).  

Could This Be Your De-Stressing Dream House?

Design #1559, Bancroft, is a traditional 1-story home, measuring 1,808 Sq Ft, with 3-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, and a 2-car garage. In other words, there is plenty of room for you and the members of your family to live comfortably. What really sets this choice apart from others is that the front part of the structure is perfect for de-stressing. For starters, there is a large, covered front porch as soon as you walk up to the place.

Then, the master bedroom and master bath are privately located. Two big draws in that bathroom are the linen closet and whirlpool tub. Finally, in the kitchen, at the back of the house, there is a pantry that is also figured into the de-stressing livability scale. If you are thinking about having a house built, and have a ton of stress in your life, this plan is definitely worth a look.

Visit the Design Basics website to view various plans that are perfect for de-stressing.