October 4th, 2018

Home Improvement

One of the most overwhelming parts of experiencing a disaster or emergency is the cleanup. Not only have you just gone through the worst, but you’re now looking at your home and thinking to yourself “How am I going to clean all of this up?” One huge mistake many homeowners make is hiring different contracting companies to handle this part and that of the restoration process, which causes them to need to orchestrate several different teams of varying competence and experience. The best thing a homeowner can do is seek out a full-service restoration company and streamline this process in the most convenient possible way.

4 Advantages Of Hiring A Full-Service Restoration Company

There are several advantages to seeking out a full-service restoration company after damages have occurred. 4 of these advantages are:

Finding the Right Priorities 

When different contracted restoration companies, contractors, and clean up crews are working in the same space, each team is going to have their own priorities, and they’re not all going to line up. Typically, you’ll find they get in one another’s way, and actually, slow down the cleanup process as a whole. With a full-service restoration company, the entire team will be working together to achieve a common goal and prioritize your cleanup.

Less Paperwork

For every service you hire, your insurance company needs to stay informed. All teams have to submit estimates, all estimates need to go through processes of approval, and when mistakes happen your damages simply get to sit as-is for another day. With fewer claims and fewer contractors, your insurance claims can be approved more quickly, and this means less paperwork for you. A full-service restoration company takes care of everything, and this means there’s significantly less to file.

An Informed Estimate

When working with different contractors and companies, you’re working with different estimates and quotes. Some may not be as honest as others, some may be misread and misconstrued, and this leaves you not fully in the know of what your restoration is going to cost. By working with a full-service company, you have one comprehensive quote and one team to trust.

No Repair Gaps

Spreading work out amongst various contractors means all schedules need to align, and this isn’t always going to happen. What you’re left with is gaps between your repairs, which means some things get done while other things are left to sit in disrepair until another day. A full-service restoration company works as one and streamlines the process so no unnecessary repair gaps need to be experienced.

Full Service For A Smooth Restoration Experience

For any homeowner, finding yourself in need of restoration after a disaster is one of the nightmares no one wants to face. However, the entire experience doesn’t need to be as painful as it often is. With a full-service restoration company, your process is one that smooths over the common wrinkles and gives you a streamlined and convenient restoration experience.