December 17th, 2019

Home Improvement

There are go-to styles that Americans love for their homes. Even newly built homes emulate the popular styles of turn of the century Craftsman bungalows and Mid-Century modern open concept ranch styles. One architectural style Americans have always loved is the modern farmhouse, but recently people have really begun to fall in love all over again. In fact, more new homes are built in the modern farmhouse style than any other. Why is this style so popular? Let’s find out.

What Defines Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse is essentially a blend of the classic elements of an old style farmhouse updated with a modern feel and technology. Modern farmhouse is different from classic farmhouse as it is less rustic and only has nods to vintage style. Classic farmhouse is also far more traditional and relies on traditional prints and mimics the look of a country home.  

Modern Farmhouses Are Perfect Family Homes

Modern farmhouses have a range of features that are ideal for large families. Outside, they often have long covered porches for relaxing and enjoying the weather as a group. Inside they have large eat-in family kitchens and open floor plans ideal for family gatherings and parties. They are also very casual, decorated with real wood furniture and large comfortable furniture pieces. This makes them ideal for busy families with children who want a stylish home that can withstand a beating. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Is Classic 

One of the most attractive parts of modern farmhouse style is that the style is it is a blend of different styles. It’s part contemporary, part modern, part industrial, and part traditional. The architectural elements are decor include things like white woodwork, board and batten siding, and black industrial elements. It also has a lot of green elements like reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and upcycled metal work. All of which are very modern, but are not likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Modern Farmhouse Style Is Nostalgic

Finally, the modern farmhouse style is popular simply because it is nostalgic. Many of us have warm memories of our time on the family farm, while others of us wish we had a family farm to visit. Modern farmhouse style harkens back to the simplicity of country living, without having to give up any of the modern features, comfort, or styles we’ve come to love. Essentially it is a blend of the best of both worlds.

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