November 13th, 2019


Motorcycle Accidents in Cold Weather

Every time a motorcycle is on the road, its rider is at risk for an accident. Even motorcycle riders who observe all the safety rules can still experience problems during inclement weather. A motorcyclist will have an even higher level of risk when they ride during winter weather. Fort Wayne motorcycle accident lawyers have some suggestions that may help avoid problems during the winter.

Winter Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of motorcycle accidents that occur during the winter months has just about tripled since 2000. There have not been any studies conducted to determine why there has been such an increase. Information from the NHTSA does show that since 2000, the amount of motorcycle traffic has significantly increased during the winter months.

Motorcycle Riding During Winter Months

Indiana has its fair share of snow, sleet, rain as well as cold temperatures during the winter. These elements are dangerous to any vehicle being driven, but they are especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. These elements increase the risk of motorcycle accidents and injuries during the winter months. Riding a motorcycle in the winter requires an increased level of caution.

Slippery Surfaces

It's important to realize that cold tires do not have the same level of traction when compared to warm tires. This puts riders at an increased risk for slipping. Riding with poor traction is risky enough, but when it is combined with icy or wet roads, it could be deadly. When riding during the winter months, it is essential to check each tire and make certain they have the correct amount of tire pressure. This should always be done prior to any trip. There should not be any speeding or taking a tricky turn when riding on a road that could have a patch of ice.


When riding a motorcycle in cold weather, windchill is a factor. It will affect a motorcycle rider's concentration. As the speed of wind increases, it will take heat away from a person's body. The cold could get down to a motorcycle rider's skin and affect their internal body temperature. This will make the outside temperature feel even colder. If a motorcycle rider begins to experience the effects of windchill, they can become irritable, disoriented, shaky and more.


When riding a motorcycle in the cold, the discomfort being experienced could become all a rider can think about. It is important to be aware that this could happen and prepare for it. If this isn't possible, it may be safer to stay off of the road until the weather is warmer.

Road Damage

Road damage will affect a motorcycle rider's stability. In the winter, the roads will have salt, ice as well as cold temperatures. This results in roads that will split, crack as well as crumble. All this will increase the risk of a motorcycle rider having an accident.

Fort Wayne motorcycle accident lawyers understand there will always be risk associated with riding a motorcycle. It is possible to enjoy the thrill of traveling down the highway on a motorcycle without serious risk. When riding during the colder months, every possible precaution should be taken. If anyone has been in a motorcycle accident, they should contact Blackburn & Green, a personal injury law firm. These legal professionals know how to protect a motorcycle rider's rights and get them fair compensation after an accident.