November 12th, 2019


Divorce is not a good situation for anybody. Even if a person wants to leave their marriage, they don't don’t consider it a good thing. When divorce does happen, people split up everything they have worked to build together. Children that were a part of the marriage will also be split between two parents.

Some parents will work out their custody and support situation. They will have joint custody of their children. However, many other parents are wounded, hurt, resentful and angry at the other spouse. So, they end up filing for sole custody and want to make the other parent pay child support. Will you have to pay child support after your divorce? The short answer is maybe.

According to Legal Zoom all states have some type of laws in place that provide guidelines for divorce. Normally, all states decide what is best for the child. This simply means if they find a reason for a parent (including you) to pay child support, then they will enforce this decision. is a government information site that specializes in law. One thing they want divorcees to understand is that child support is more than just a once a month payment. The reason why this happens is because both parents are paying money in support of a child. So, both parents will have to think carefully about the money they will have to spend on their kids.

Findlaw also wants you to understand that courts can modify child support orders. If they discover a need to change the support order, they will. Also, a court might change their ruling if a person can prove that child support is not necessary.

Most courts look at certain factors when it comes to providing for children. They will consider if a parent makes enough to support their kids. They will also want to know if parents have a stable home and if they have had any history of abuse or neglect. A parent’s character will also be questioned as well. However, most courts will not judge a person’s values or religious beliefs. The only thing they really want to know if a parent has broken the law in relation to their child.

Most parents are strongly encouraged to talk things over. They should try to make an agreement about financial support for their kids. They can do this through mediation. Using mediation is a great way for parents to work things out on their own and not have the courts involved. Ideally, most courts want parents to work things out, so they don’t have to deal with a situation. However, if you and your former spouse can’t reach an agreement, the courts will decide for you.

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