October 1st, 2018


Every job requires a skill set. Work skills can get you an interview; personality traits can get you the job. The right combination of the two can open up many opportunities, including those that allow you to work from home.

Everyone Wants To Work From Home

Early mornings, late nights, and long commutes in traffic can be enough to make anyone desire to work from home. Though everyone likes the idea or remote employment, not everyone can be successful at it. Work-at-home call center agents require a whole different set of traits that lead to success.  Knowing what qualities you’ll need will prepare you for what the job requires. Consider the following 9 traits for success if you’re applying for this type of work.

9 Important Traits For Success

1) Ability to learn quickly

Customer service support requires you to know a lot about the company. Though you can’t know everything from day one, you should at least understand the company culture and philosophy.

2) Attention to detail

Don’t let your caller hang up without helpful answers. Be sure you understand exactly what is being asked of you; ask for more details and clarification if you don’t.

3) Organizational skills

Even when working from home, call centers are busy. You might need to juggle multiple things at once, so the ability to stay focused and organized is imperative.

4) Flexibility

Interacting with many different people throughout the day exposes you to a range of personalities. Some will be pleasant; some won’t be. Be flexible enough to serve them all.

5) Friendliness

You represent the company you work for, so do it in the best way possible. Being warm and friendly on the phone through all circumstances is just good service.

6) Keeping your cool

Working in a call center is a tough job. You’ll likely deal with upset people almost-daily. You need to remain calm and even tempered no matter what comes your way.

7) Good communication

Connecting with customers requires you to be clear and concise in your manner via phone and email. Communicating well also involves listening skills so you understand exactly what the customer needs.

8) Efficiency

Call centers are busy. Be fast and efficient in solving problems while providing quality customer support.

9) Being creative

You’ll likely run into unique situations, and you’ll need to find creative ways to deal with them to make the customer happy. Being resourceful is one of the most important qualities you can have to see that all needs get met.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Contact a local call center company to find out more about how to work from home.