September 14th, 2018


If you suspect that you might need a new security camera system for your business, there are four major signs that can confirm those suspicions. Before you try to push what you have a little bit longer, it’s important to remember the many benefits offered by a video surveillance system that’s up-to-date and in prime working order. Not only can surveillance cameras keep criminals away from your business, it can assist law enforcement to quickly catch any would-be thieves. A security camera system can also improve the accountability of your employees, help you monitor productivity, and possibly even reduce your insurance premiums.

4 Changes That Can Impact Your Business Security System 

If you currently have a security camera system but haven’t updated it since the number-one show on television was Seinfeld, it might be time to invest in some upgrades. Technology has come a long way, and it’s important to bring your business right along with it. Consider these four signs that will let you know if an upgrade is in order.

Technology has changed

The quality of video recording has changed quite a bit in the last several years. Security camera systems are now designed to record high-definition videos that can be stored in a cloud for repeated viewing and sharing. Most cameras are tamper-resistant to ensure that nothing gets purposefully missed.

Your address has changed

If you’ve moved your business to a new location, you don’t want to take your old security camera system with you. Equipment can become damaged during the moving process, and your new location might have blind spots that the old system can miss.

Your business has changed

Rolling with the changes is one of the most important jobs that a business owner can do. If you’ve changed products, services, staff, or even just the layout of your business, you might need to add more cameras or change the configuration.  Altercations, no matter how small, can increase the chance of theft in a big way.

Crime rates have changed

When a crime occurs, you’ll often hear neighbors say, “This used to be such a nice area.” Unfortunately, some cities that were once known for low crime rates have become places where property damage and theft occurs regularly. If the crime rate in your area has changed, your outdated security camera system is a liability.

Time For An Upgrade

When looking for a new security camera system look for local companies. With trained technicians who will help you find the best security camera system to meet your business needs, you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve to ensure that your business is protected, and your investments are secure. You’ll know what’s going on at all times, while still protecting the privacy of your employees and customers. To keep your business up-to-date and ready to go with the latest security camera solutions available to commercial customers, contact a local security expert today.