September 14th, 2018


It’s not something that immediately comes to mind for businesses but access control to a property can have a significant effect on both efficiency and security. So what exactly are we talking about? What is access control? Why does it matter?

Simply put, access control is about the different ways in which you, your employees, and customers/clients/visitors gain entry to your property or specific parts of it. At the simplest level, access control includes gates and doors with locks. But in the 21st century, businesses have much more precise, convenient, digital options that can make a big difference. 

Fewer Keys

Electronic access systems may run on a “keycard” system that can assign all the areas a person needs access to just one key card, device, or code. This means that a person who needs to access every area, or just a select few, needs only one type of access in order to do so. The days of fumbling through a ring of keys to get through every door required are over.

No Need To Change Locks

In the old days, when doors were opened by physical keys, the loss of a key could potentially mean that now an expensive change of locks would be required, as well as new keys made for everyone. The off chance that the lost key might be recovered and used and/or duplicated by someone unauthorized necessitated this type of expensive, system-wide solution.

With modern access control, if a keycard, door device, or even password/numeric code is lost, there’s no need to change the lock! Instead, all that’s required is to simply invalidate that device or code so the system no longer recognizes it as authentic.

Accurate User Logs

Unlike a mechanical lock, a modern, digital access control system takes the time to log in every use, the date, the time, and even the user. This is not the kind of information an analog door and lock system can ever provide. Now, these systems tell you just how often a door was accessed, and even who it was that accessed the door at that time. Not only is this great for knowing just how much traffic you experience, it can even help in an investigative capacity. If a room with access control is subject theft, you already know which people were the ones that accessed the room.

Challenging To Break

While it’s true that no system is impregnable, an access control system considerably increases just how much time, effort, money, and knowledge are required to illegally access a facility. While a lost key can be easily duplicated at any retail outlet, a keycard, fob, or other control/access device is not so easily replicated. This type of extra security measure can help to reduce crime.

Enjoy The Difference

If you value the efficiency and security of your business, a modern access control system can give you a lot of peace of mind and it’s a growing industry!