October 19th, 2018


Finding the right security system isn’t always easy to do. But one thing that is almost always a good call is the use of video security systems. And among these security systems, IP based systems are the best option to choose for many people. If you’re not totally sure that IP cameras are right for you, take a look at some of the basics behind them to see what you could be missing.

What Are IP Cameras?

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out just what IP systems really are. Essentially, these are security cameras that are totally and truly digital. The camera works like a DVR – providing compression, image adjustments, video motion detection, and more. Then, it sends those digital images back across your IP network. The camera does most of the work.

In traditional analog systems, the cameras are nothing more than cameras, and then send a feedback to the video recorder which handles all of the work.

What Is IP Best For?

IP camera systems have several very real benefits that help them stand out as being the right choice for many applications, including:

Higher resolution

Better image quality

No physical input limitations

Easier scalability as your needs grow

Less labor costs since cabling requirements are lower

Better for multi-site management when you have more properties that need to be monitored.

Analog systems are still very much in use, and even provide advanced features ranging from remote monitoring to video motion detection, and their somewhat smaller cost means that they are able to provide basic protection to those who need it without having to increase costs dramatically.

Modern IP systems are best for those who need totally scalable, fully featured security systems that really do provide the absolute best results without limitations. You may pay a small bit more, but the results are generally far better and are a must for major security system installations.

Getting The Right System For Your Needs

The key to making sure that you get the best possible system is to consult with professionals. The reason is that every security system situation will be different. Every property is unique, which means that every need is unique. You’ll need to consider a variety of things including the cost, the range of features, and more while designing your security system.

It’s important to note that most of the modern security system features like video motion detection, email alerts or text alerts, remote monitoring, and more are available with either type of system. But with IP cameras you have more flexibility and power. As such, they’re an investment that is well worth considering.

Talk to your security system professional to see more about what they think about your needs. This way you can quickly determine the right options for you and your budget and find a solution that will work for you. IP cameras may not be for everyone, but they provide a lot of advantages that make them a clear choice for the majority of those in need of a security solution.