September 17th, 2018


More and more people are using technology to manage their finances, and the use of ATMs is one of the most common ways to access funds to get cash. Cash is still used in roughly one-third of all transactions, which means that ATMs are widely used on a regular basis. There are more ATMs around the country than ever before, but that rise in convenience also means that there is a greater risk of criminal activity. In fact, there was a 12 percent increase in ATM crime - and that's just crimes targeting the actual machine.

As such, protecting your customers using an ATM at any location is important. ATM surveillance is one of the key steps that can't be ignored. Whether it's an attack on the ATM itself, a mugging of someone using the ATM, or the use of a cyber attack to access the ATM, it's vital to make sure that your ATMs are safe.

Video Surveillance

The most obvious way to prevent crimes is the use of video surveillance focusing on an ATM. IP cameras are a solid choice here since they offer numerous benefits:

Area control

Greater image quality

180 Degree coverage

Easy installation

Small size

These cameras can be placed virtually anywhere and allow flexibility when designing a surveillance system. Additionally, it's also common to install an HDTV camera with a pinhole lens inside the ATM itself. This captures an image of each person using the ATM and can be used in difficult lighting situations.

Another option is standard surveillance cameras placed at key points in and around the ATM. These cameras will be more noticeable and obvious, and while they could capture evidence of a crime, their purpose is to prevent crime by deterring it.  Criminals who see the cameras are less likely to engage in criminal behavior.

Additional Options

Along with proper camera placement and the right kind of cameras being chosen, additional steps can be taken as well. For instance, access control measures can be used to prevent access to certain areas. Cameras can also be integrated with alarm systems or link to remote monitoring solutions to make it easier for property owners to oversee their ATMs and keep their users safe and protected. Designing the right overall security system is important. The property, layout, and owner goals must all be considered in order to ensure the best results.

Protection To Trust

Protecting your property and ATM is a must for any business owner. In order to get the best possible results you'll need to consider everything from the potential of crime to the placement of cameras. There is a lot to getting the most effective security solutions and a local security expert can help.