September 3rd, 2018


Burglaries can often be extremely traumatic events for people and can effectively make you feel as if you lost your safety net. Some feel that once a burglar has targeted their home, then they don’t need to worry about it happening again. However, a repeat burglary is always going to be a possibility.

Many statistics actually show that a burglar will return to the scene of a previous burglary so that they can commit the crime for the second time. 33 percent of home invasions in the United States were reported as repeat burglaries.

Why do Repeat Burglaries Occur?

This is a question many victims have asked when they find that their home was targeted on more than one occasion. There are quite a few reasons a burglar may want to return to the same home twice:

  • They want to go back for items they may not have been able to grab the first time

  • They now know the home and have an improved level of confidence and knowledge

  • If the damage from the first break-in was not yet fixed, it is easy to enter the home again

  • Not many homeowners expect to be burglarized twice

  • Your home may be an easy target and provides easy access

  • You may live in a high crime area where they experience more repeat burglaries

A Few Burglary Prevention Tips

To help prevent any further burglaries or home invasions, there are a few things you can do to secure your home:

Install a Home Security System: a home security system acts as a great deterrent for thieves, and if you step up your security, you will no longer prove to be such an easy target.

Repair Damage: once your home has been broken into, you will want to immediately get to repairing the damage so that you do not provide the burglar with easy access to the home. It will no longer be a desirable point of entry.

Get a Dog: along with a security system, a dog is also good to have around because they will definitely let you know when something is hanging out around the house. They will bark and growl and make some kind of noise that will cause the burglar to retreat most of the time.

Home Security Audit: you will want to take a walk around the home and see if you can identify any weak spots in your home security. Once you have identified areas of the home that may grant easy access, you can take steps to fix this and improve your security efforts.


While repeat burglaries are a definite possibility no matter where you live, there are always going to be ways you can step up your home security game, so you can adequately and effectively provide another layer of protection for your home and belongings.

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