September 18th, 2018


The United States gives citizens the opportunity to practice any religion they choose, and there are many faith-based establishments available to do so. People go to these places to exercise their beliefs and worldviews in a safe environment. The institutions are also valuable commodities to their respective communities. They have volunteers that help out in neighborhoods by creating food and clothing drives and even provide transportation services. However, these houses of worship are also commonly the target of random acts of violence or hate crimes.

Unfortunately, these incidents happen all too often, and they can cause constituents to become afraid of attending events or services. Of course, these places are not immune to other criminal activities either. For instance, thieves can break into the faith-based buildings to steal donations, contributions, and anything else they can find. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for officials to attain ways to keep worshipers, assets, and volunteers safe. Continue reading to learn about various methods that can secure the premises.

Institutions Should Think About Investing In Security Cameras

Homes and businesses have been using CCTV systems for years to monitor activities on the property. Many times, just the mere sight of the equipment is enough to deter criminals. Security cameras are the ideal solution for watching who comes and leaves the establishment, viewing the parking lot, and observing other areas. A lot of the new models are even compatible with smartphones and tablets, so officials can see what is happening while they are at home or while traveling abroad. It is a good idea to post signs stating that the location is being monitored to prevent legal or privacy issues from arising.

Don't Forget About Safety Alarms

It is not uncommon for people within a house of worship to light candles or incense. These items pose a risk of fire whether the individual stays with them or leaves them unattended. Additionally, when hate crimes occur, fire is usually involved. Installing a safety alarm can prove to be beneficial for alerting the congregation, the proper authorities, and others in the immediate area of the potential danger. With any luck, the alert will prevent injuries, save lives, and minimize the damage caused by the flames or smoke.

The Solutions That You Need

Find a local organization who provides custom-designed alarm and surveillance systems for small and large businesses alike. Some of the solutions available include but are not limited to access control, video security, and fire or intrusion alarms. Feel free to complete a thorough investigation by reading reviews, viewing testimonials, or even asking friends and neighbors about their experience. Then, contact a local expert to find out more.