September 27th, 2018


There are many reasons to consider adding a surveillance system to your place of work. Not only can it help keep your location secure, but it could also overhaul your workforce. Studies have shown that being filmed can change a lot about an employee’s behavior. If you own or operate a business, you may want to consider adding an internal surveillance system to ensure you get the most from your employees.

Case Study: Police Body Cameras

An excellent example of how being filmed changes employee behavior can be seen in the fact that more and more police officers now wear body cameras. After the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the city’s police department was given 50 body cameras for officers to wear while on duty.

Since then, more and more police forces across the country have adopted body camera systems. Their reason for doing so is the fact that an officer’s behavior likely changes in the present when they know they are being filmed. For example, one field experiment analyzed the use of cameras with the Rialto Police Department in California. The study found that if an officer was conducting a shift without a camera, they were twice as likely to use force. 

Case Study: Restaurant Industry

Further evidence demonstrating how being filmed impacts employees can be seen when looking at the restaurant industry. For example, researchers at Washington University conducted a study analyzing employee behavior in more than 400 restaurants throughout the country. The study made some interesting conclusions regarding surveillance in the workplace.

Surveillance helped reduce restaurant employee theft by more than 20%, averaging $24 per week. This resulted in an average savings of more than $1,200 per year.

Total check revenue increased by 7%, resulting in an average increase of nearly $3,000 per week.

Total drink revenue increased by more than 10%, resulting in an average increase of more than $900 per week.

The study concluded that because it was more difficult for workers to steal money, they were forced to dedicate their money-making efforts in other ways. Thus, the report found that employees instead put efforts into customer service and increasing sales as a way to recoup their losses. The study also concluded that the positive impact of the surveillance far outweighed the negative behaviors that the surveillance monitoring prevented. 

Using Surveillance As A Carrot

Many business owners find themselves facing a carrot v. stick approach in daily operations. A carrot is a reward given to an employee for good work, while a stick is punishing an employee for something they did wrong. Ultimately, studies show that one of the most significant benefits of monitoring employees is from a “carrot” perspective. Employers who use surveillance to seek out and reward good work get the most out of their surveillance systems.

If you’re a business owner looking to get the most out of your employees, be sure to contact a local security company today.