September 4th, 2018


Employers offer their employees breaks throughout the day and typically provide them with a relaxing space that they can retreat to so that they can reenergize and gear up to finish the remainder of their workday.

The break room is a place that employees should feel safe and secure in which is why it is so important that basic security is covered for a break room in which several people are in and out at all times during the day.

Access Codes

Access Control Systems are one way you can secure an employee break room. This type of system collects data and monitors the entry points so that the employee break room is more secure, and it keeps out those who are not supposed to be there.

The access system will effectively do the following:

  • Control who is allowed in the break room

  • Access codes will eliminate the need to carry more keys

  • You can closely monitor who enters and leaves the break room

  • You will have a record of the specific people accessing the break room

Video Surveillance Cameras

In addition to the convenience of the access control system and access codes, you can also help deter employee theft with video surveillance cameras. They will discourage employees from stealing from the business and help prevent any significant company loss. Workplace theft can cost a business a lot of money each year.

They can also monitor the behavior and actions of the employees near all point of sale areas, record and playback video footage, ensure that employees are using their own access codes, and you can also sync the cameras with the access control system.

However, before positioning the security cameras, you will want to check with your state’s Department of Labor to make sure that you are legally positioning all the cameras.

Fire Alarms and Safety Guidelines

Since break rooms also often serve as a small kitchen area for employees to enjoy lunch, then it is safe to assume that a microwave or small stove will be used. In this case, it is important to make sure you have a fire alarm in place to monitor the break room for any fires.

Smoke detectors and monitored alarms should also be used in break rooms, and certain safety guidelines should also be followed such as the following:

  • Never leave the microwave or stove unattended when in use

  • Make sure there is access to a first aid kit

  • Label all food items and avoid any cross-contamination

  • Clean up and sanitize all eating areas

  • Thoroughly wash your hands

Following these guidelines will also help to ensure a safe and clean environment for the employees.

The break room should be a very comfortable place for employees to spend some time in during a busy and stressful day, so the employers should take the steps necessary to make sure that it is a safe environment and the right equipment is in place and in proper working order at all times.

Dyezz Surveillance and Alarm

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Dyezz Surveillance and Alarm has been providing the highest quality of security installations and service for video surveillance systems, covert surveillance, burglar and fire alarms, intercom systems, access control systems, bug detection, and home automation since 2001.

Edgar Amadis

Customers service is top notch. Was able to set up an appointment with Dyezz Surveillance after 4 failed attempts with Point Security. Very professional service and will ensure you are completely satisfied before the job is done. Will not try to overcharge or push unnecessary equipment. If you are looking for security with great customer service, I would start here. Highly Recommended!!!!!


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J. Chris Ornelas

The owner is not only a genuine and down to earth guy, but they are also a recent client of ours. We look forward to helping this business grow even bigger than they already are. I also plan on purchasing a security system for my place :)



We chose Dyezz based on their great online reviews, and we were incredibly disappointed. My mother in law paid thousands of dollars to have Dyezz install a camera system at her commercial property. She had really wanted audio as well (like on the Ring doorbells), but they said that was not an option. So she had the system installed anyway, and the day it was finished, she went home to try to view her cameras. The company failed to tell her that the software they use DOES NOT WORK on Mac computers. She had to reach the IT person and work with them directly to install some alternative software through which she could actually see her cameras. The company did not seem remotely sorry that they had failed to mention this. Then when we were finally able to view the images, the cameras they had installed were sub-par. My neighbors have better camera quality on their doorbells. Then, not 2 weeks after the system was installed, her building was broken into. The thieves somehow found the DVR (where the camera recordings were stored) and were able to yank it out of the wall. The security box had been anchored directly into drywall, which, if you've ever hung something heavy in your home, you know NOT TO DO. So we contacted the company and asked if they could come reinstall the DVR system. And they quoted $3800. This was almost as much as we'd paid to do the entire install, including wiring. My mother in law talked to one of the co-owners who was incredibly rude and said they would not work with us on lowering the cost, even though the security box was poorly installed. The person who sold us the system, did make an effort to bring down the cost, but we were no longer interested in working with the company. Our family was so frustrated with this entire process, we spent more money out of pocket to buy a whole new system online and have new cameras installed by a wiring company. The new cameras have audio, record remotely, significantly better software and are a much better quality.


Lyla A.

They still deserve a perfect star rating after 8 years of being their customer. They're always available to help, never make us wait, and their customer...


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This company was great at the beginning. The customer service sucks and is not helpful. This company has continuously scammed me for money. I have been...


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Absolutely outstanding service. They are on time, put in top notch security systems, and are very easy to work with. It could not have gone smoother.


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