September 26th, 2018


If you are the owner or operator of a shipping company, you may be quite familiar with many of the shipping ports in the area. If so, one of your most significant concerns may be port security. As more and more companies rely on oceanic shipping methods, the ports in the area remain an integral component of the supply chain.

Some estimates predict that the ocean shipping market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of five percent between now and 2026. It’s crucial that owners and operators of these ports take proper precautions to install security cameras. Doing so could yield numerous benefits impacting both safety and profitability.

Problems Facing The Ocean Shipping Industry

There’s no denying that port security is one of biggest concerns of those operating in the ocean shipping market. One of the leading contributors of this is the threat of terrorism. Terrorist activities have increased significantly over the past two decades, as groups continually seek ways to disrupt the everyday happenings of the world. The fact that the ocean shipping market involves many players internationally exposes it to tremendous risk.

Additionally, logistics managers must be concerned about their products and profitability. Theft remains an ongoing issue in ports across the country. Both employees and non-employees steal from ports, where there are always high volumes of valuable products. Security cameras can help keep cargo loads secure so that the entire shipment arrives to the distributor intact.

Benefits Of Security Cameras

As you can imagine, installing a quality surveillance system could have numerous benefits that would address many of the problems facing the ocean shipping industry today. Installing a surveillance system at a port could go a long way toward keeping the seaport secure and cargo loads intact as they were intended. Below, you’ll find many of the benefits that come with installing security cameras.

Track Who Is on Site

Having a security system in place allows managers to track who is on site at all times. The mere threat of a surveillance system is often enough to keep unwanted people out.

Keep Containers Secure

Installing cameras in a port can help keep cargo loads secure, ensuring that nothing is removed from the shipment or that nothing is inserted into the delivery that should not otherwise be there.

Monitor Threats

One of the most significant advantages of security cameras is that managers can identify threats before they occur. Adding features like motion detection or an alarm system to the cameras could help keep the port safe.

Employee Productivity

Employees tend to be more productive when they know they are being watched.

Review Your Port’s Security System

If you manage a port, it’s crucial that you take the steps necessary to help keep you and your employees safe. Contact a local security company that specializes in port security to protect your business today.