September 25th, 2018


Homes and offices have been using CCTV systems for years to monitor the activities that occur on the properties. Video surveillance can prove to be useful for modern businesses too. Proprietors must be careful because of privacy issues being such a controversial topic today. It is always a good idea to post signs around your location stating that it is being monitored. Discussing the ins and outs of security cameras with a surveillance company, and having them install the units, can help keep problems from arising as well.

Of course, installing cameras in some areas such as bathrooms or dressing rooms is a big no-no but the devices can assist you in protecting assets, workers, customers, and yourself in other places. Before introducing video surveillance to the business, owners should always check local, state, and national laws to ensure that none of them become broken. After all, they want to make the environment safer for everyone, improve production, and not find themselves involved in a lawsuit. Do your due diligence and research the situation to prevent tarnishing the company's image. Interested parties should read further to discover the benefits that video surveillance has to offer.

Prevent Sexual Harassment Incidents

Sexual harassment is nothing new as businesses have been struggling to keep incidents from occurring for years. The episodes can happen to both men and women alike. They often include things like unwanted advances, requests for sexual favors, and various kinds of inappropriate comments. These types of events can be costly to the organization. A recent report shows that an automaker had to payout a 10 million dollar settlement in 2017 for racial and sexual harassment claims. Use video surveillance to keep this conduct at bay. 

Obtain Proof For Criminal Acts

Police officers turn to the security cameras of homes and businesses when they have no other leads. For instance, when a serial bomber was running amuck in Austin for three weeks, the cams assisted officials in identifying the suspect. While the footage is beneficial for capturing your own trespassers and thieves on tape, it can also be helpful in finding those involved in capers around the community. The video will not only help officers, but it assists the judge and jury in convicting the criminals as well.

Businesses Can Increase Employee Productivity With Video Surveillance

Workers get paid to do a specific job, and when they slack off, the company loses money. Whether individuals are misbehaving or just spending a little too much time at the water cooler, the actions can lead to declining sales and profits. When employees know someone is watching them, they tend to stick to their duties. Video surveillance will ensure that your agents are making phone calls and reaching deadlines, which are necessary for the business to stay afloat.