September 20th, 2018


Every business already has a whole host of considerations to keep in mind just to stay profitable. Between balancing profit with operating costs, ensuring proper equipment for employees to get the job done, and even managing risk protection, the plate of a typical business is pretty full.

But then, as if that weren’t enough, there are the considerations of security and crime to keep in mind. America is sadly, not a crime free state. Criminal acts like vandalism, breaking and entering, and theft do occur. And when they do, that’s when the value of a good surveillance camera can play an important role.

Cost Effective Investment

Depending on your needs, a surveillance camera system for your business can cost $50, $300, or more. It can be a dedicated security monitor room in your facility for security personnel to view at all times, or it can be a monitor at a counter, or even your own desk, with the ability to view it from any phone or laptop that has an Internet connection.

Effective Deterrence

One study of thieves conducted by the University of North Carolina indicated that the presence of alarms and security cameras caused a significant number of thieves to move on to an easier target. This is not a real surprise when you consider that thieves are trying to get maximum results with minimum effort. If a security camera is present, especially if it is a color camera with high definition image quality, this makes it much easier for thieves’ identifying characteristics to be noted and investigated.

Employee Protection & Monitoring

Surveillance cameras at your business can also be valuable in protecting your employees, keeping their productivity up, and, in some cases, even acting to prevent employee theft, which, unfortunately is something that can happen in any facility. Employees that are under surveillance have a much higher likelihood of working efficiently, but they are also far less likely to resort to theft once they know that security measures are in place.

Protect Privacy

However, if you’re considering security cameras for your business, you need to be aware that you do have a legal obligation to inform employees of these measures, and let them know exactly where the cameras are located. You cannot record the activities of your employees without their awareness. An employee that is unaware and uninformed of surveillance measures can, in certain situations, have a legitimate legal contention with employers.

Get It Done Right

Every business is going to have different scopes, scales, and needs when it comes to security concerns. If you want to make sure your needs are properly addressed, make sure to talk to the experts. Just contact your local security company and tell them exactly what you have, and what you are hoping to achieve. With expertise, they can provide the solutions that will meet the security needs of your business, and give you the protection you’re looking for.